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Newport Beach Mold Remediation and Newport Beach Mold Abatement Remediation

Are you buying a new home and would like a mold checkup? Or, are you or a family member suffering from indoor allergies and want to know the cause? Have you recently had a water leak or flooding occur? Has ground water or rain water gotten into your apartment? Are your Parents safe in their home environment?  

Newport Beach 911 Flood Damage is a full service mold remediation and water damage cleanup company specializing in apartment and studios. If you find mold in your apartment or suspect that you may have some, we understand the importance of cleaning toxic mold from that area.

Our specialized team is trained to study the damage with moisture meters and special equipments to find every trace of mold in your house so that we can effectively discover out the problem and maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family. Waiting when you suspect or find mold is never a good choice as mold will spread and make your apartment or studio a toxic living or working environment.

Mold is most commonly found in walls, crawl spaces, carpets, ceilings, basements and other places where fluids may have access to it. Thousands of different molds are found and many of those have been proven to be extremely hazardous to not only your apartment or business but most importantly, to you, your family or your worker's health.

Newport Beach 911 Flood Damage Mold Remediation 24/7 Emergency Services

Newport Beach Mold Remediation | Newport Beach Mold Remediation
Residential & Commercial

  •     Assessment Of Mold & Mildew
  •     Mold Removal
  •     Decontamination
  •     Mold, Spore Air, Surface Testing
  •     Dehumidification
  •     Prompt & Professional Service
  •     Extract Water
  •     Air Testing
  •     Test For Black Mold
  •     Only The Best Equipment Used
  •     Environmentally Safe Products


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